What Makes This Course Special

  • Self-Guided + Paced

    Move as fast or as slow as you like. Each lesson was created with the busy working professional or caregiver in mind. All video lessons are less than 20 minutes and mobile-friendly for on-the-go learning.

  • Natural Solutions

    Dr. Ray applies a unique lens of naturopathic + wholistic medicine, indigenous wisdom and modernized practical tips to help you achieve your wellness goals in a way that honors you and your body.

  • Sustainable Results

    Dr. Ray teaches and empowers you to recognize your vices and shortcomings are not all your fault, and shows you a customizable path to help you take back control of how you want to look, feel, and live. You learn the healthy tools necessary to support your health for many years to come.

Course Curriculum

    1. Lesson 1: Creating Your Path to RADIATE

    2. Lesson 2 & 3: Evaluate + Take Inventory of Stress

    3. Lesson 4: Know Your WHY

    4. Lesson 5: Setting Your Wellness Goals

    1. Lesson 1: How to Use Food as Medicine

    2. Lesson 2: Building A Healthy Plate

    3. Lesson 3: 5 Beginner Tips for Eating Clean

    1. Lesson 1: Five Major Western Causes of Illness

    2. Lesson 2: Creating Successful Habits for Healthy Living

    3. Lesson 3: Taking Control of Stress

    4. Bonus Lesson: Dr. Ray's Favorite Anti-Stress Tools + Support

    1. Lesson 1: Using Herbs Everyday for Wellness

    2. Lesson 2: Choosing Supplements Wisely

    3. Finale: Putting It All Together

Natural Wellness Intensive Course

  • $497.00
  • 3 hours of video content
  • Save Now: 50% off course for Summer Introductory Sale. Retail price is $997 after sale ends.
  • Payment Plans Available for as low as $49/month.
  • Unlimited Course Access, Free Workbook + Handouts, Video Learning, Group Discussions + More

Meet Your Instructor

Revée Barbour, ND MS

Naturopathic Physician, Integrative Medicine Researcher

My name is Dr. Ray, and my mission is to serve as a doctor, teacher, and natural wellness specialist. Our journey together will restore your health, vigor, and passion so you become your best self yet! I have successfully guide hundreds of patients to self-heal and become resilient against disease using naturopathic and indigenous medicine. When you work with me, you will gain priceless knowledge and tools to support your wellness.

What Students Say About the Course

“I feel honored to be one of the firsts to review Dr. Ray's new online course. This course is fire! Dr. Ray shares amazing knowledge and tips to help you get your health back on track. I love that it was self-paced and the workbook really helped me to see the areas of my health I needed to support. I highly recommend taking this course. Dr. Ray is the real deal y'all!”

Tameka A.

“This course is life-changing! I had no idea how much I didn't know about eating and living healthy. The videos were just the right length and the workbook is unlike any I've ever had. I loved that the course was mobile-friendly so I could watch the videos on the go. If you need to detox or reset your body, this course is it! ”

Michaela G.

“I honestly can't say enough good things about what this course did for me. I feel more energy, sleep better, and even lost a little weight from making the dietary and lifestyle changes. Dr. Ray gives solid advice and it is easy to customized the info for what you need. I've done other detoxes and programs by health coaches before and wish I didn't waste my time or money on them. Dr. Ray's course exceeded expectations. Take the course and you won't regret it. Thank you Dr. Ray!!”

Sam C.

“I'm a senior manager for a tech company and my work weeks are long and stressful. In the last year, I felt more fatigued, gaining weight, and my mood was off. I've always been a healthy person, but it's been harder to keep a routine like I used to. Dr. Ray's course helped me to feel better and establish a new wellness routine. Even with my busy schedule, it was easy to complete the modules at my own pace. I highly recommend Dr. Ray!”

Amy S.

“I'm new to natural medicine. I thought going to the gym was all I needed. When I wasn't getting the gains I wanted with other trainers and nutritionists, a friend referred me to Dr. Ray. The course taught me about naturopathic medicine and other areas of healthy living to realize my old habits were holding me back. I'm now seeing progress again and my stamina is better. My advice, don't be shy about learning this info. It's a gamechanger and I'm glad I did this. ”

Jay M.

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